Integrated Units

FAMKAM is one of the largest vertically integrated textile operations in Bangladesh. Our careful vertical integration strategy has ensured a smooth and seamless flow of operations across the facilities. Vertical manufacturing translates into superior quality and consistency. It also means shorter turn-around times for our clients.

The Fabrics Cluster, an end to end supply chain for apparel manufacturing in knit wear is a strategic and unifying component of FAMKAM. Most apparel design and manufacturing houses the world over are required to go beyond the borders of their organization to source raw materials. With its fabric and wet processing and printing division, FAMKAM has the ability to offer its clientele a completely integrated supply chain from design to delivery.

All stages of our production are monitored via our bespoke ERP Software to ensure a smooth process-flow. In addition to the detailed final quality control of our finished garments, we maintain constant quality control at each stage of production. From scratch to final product, we regularly examine the effectiveness of our processes and work flows. Our own quality team members ensure that every garment is sourced, designed, manufactured and delivered based on our high quality standards.

Lithe Apparels

Lithe Apparels Ltd is the flagship knitting, dying and garment production unit of the group located at Sanarpara. Initially, it was a full knit composite and  subsequently, some of the knit and dying operations were transferred to the sister concerns. The whole facility underwent a major overhaul to comply with the latest international standards. Currently, it has a daily manufacturing capacity of 45,000 pieces comprising of 24 garmenting modules.

Apparel 21

Apparel 21 consists of 64 garment production lines with a total production capacity of 135,000 pieces per day. All of its facilities are designed to adhere to sustainable green building standards and are expected to get LEED Platinum certification. As a responsible apparel producer, Apparel 21 LTD provides employees a work environment high above the law-required level. The company has installed and updated lighting, ventilation and ergonomics of its plants using the latest technologies like bus bar for electrical fitting, overhead mirror reflectors for lamps, forced duct ventilation Garment conveyor systems and production monitoring systems.

FAMKAM Fashion

FAMKAM Fashion Ltd. is a purpose built structure with state-of-the-art ventilation, dust control and humidification systems. This facility includes over 40 knitting machines that can knit an unlimited amount of fabric design options. The current fabric capacity is 20 tons. Upon completion, the facility will house 100 knitting machines and have a total fabric capacity of 80 tons per day.


The Dyeing unit has been in operation for more than 17 years. In order to meet the international sustainability standards, the unit has worked closely with Italian Dyeing machine manufacturer Danitech to develop and introduce custom designed dyeing machines that are economically and environmentally friendly, operating with advanced automation at ultra low liquor levels. A fully automated dying kitchen and material dispensing system developed by Lawar Italy ensures minimal wastage of material and resources and eliminates errors. In addition to performing 40 tons of fabric dying per day, the unit is in the process of adding a 10 tons yarn dying and 4 tons piece dying facility. The finishing range includes best in class machines such as Bruckner Stenter, custom designed triple roller Sintec compactor as well as a wide range of fully automatic Europian machines. The whole plant is controlled through SedoTreepoint dyeing master and energy master software. All waste water are treated in our Electrical-biological hybrid effluent treatment plant so all discharge conforms fully to BSTM standards.

FAMKAM Printing

FAMKAM Printing Ltd started its journey even before the garment manufacturing facility back in 1992.

The textile printing segment is a fully integrated modern solution with state of the art Chemical dispensing system designed and manufactured by FimatSrl Italy that allows for precise chemical paste and color preparation. The printing facility consists of total 8 tons flat bed pigment printing and 8 tons reactive rotary printing facility using Zimmer Austria Rotascreen technology complemented by Salvade Italy Loop steaming and Danitech Italy rope washing machines.

The garment printing facility includes a wide portfolio that includes rubber print, high density print, reverse print, puff print, photo print, pigment print, metallic print, flock print, glitter print, gel print, plastisol print, pearl print, discharge print, transfer print, foil transfer print etc with a maximum capacity of handling 35,000 pieces per day.

MAHEE Intimates

Mahee Intimates was established to exclusively focus on undergarment production and also offer green product solutions to our customers through a combination of recycled materials, fabrics, trims and greener processes. With an improved carbon foot print, these products are made for the environmentally conscious consumer. The facility at Ashulia has been built to be a state-of-the-art lingerie manufacturing facility as well as one of the most sustainable construction project in the world. It is currently undergoing LEED Certification process, and once completed, it would be the highest rated LEED certified lingerie factory in the world. This unit is the first to trial RFID production management system within the group, that feeds live production data to the industrial engineering and planning departments allowing the line managers to streamline and control production process down to a micro scale, greatly increasing productivity.