Sampling & Product Development

Sampling is the product development stage. It is a process by which a small number of garments are made so as to match the buyer requirement and to get approval from the buyer so as to start off the production. The sampled garments represent the accuracy of the patterns and quality of production skills and techniques. The samples not only serve the purpose of communicating correctly with the buyer regarding their styles and products, but it also helps to calculate the fabric consumption along with that thread and other accessories used.

Our sampling team is made up of  highly experienced and vastly skilled pattern makers, fabric cutters and seamstresses. They’re the ones with the tools, desire and ability to turn your concepts and ideas into production-ready garments.

Types of samples include Proto Sample, Fit Sample, Pre Production Sample, Pre Size Set, Size Set, Salesman Sample, Shipment Sample.

Our Product Development Team sources multiple fabric & trim options from our extensive network of wholesale vendors. Once materials are selected, with your approval, we will create a detailed bill of materials (a “recipe”) for each style.

Our Project Managers will create time-and-action calendars with important deadlines. Our Product Development Team will ensure that your line is developed with the utmost quality and at the most optimal cost.

Once full development packages are passed off, our team will coordinate and communicate with you throughout the sample rounds. After each prototype is complete, we will conduct fittings to update each sample/ development package until the fit is approved.