Cut, Make & Trim (CMT)

CMT production fully depends on the client. The only actions carried out by the manufacturer are Cutting, Making, and Trimming.

White label merchandise is generic. The only way to make it yours is to get your design or logo printed or embroidered on the garments. On the other hand, CMT garments have nothing generic about them. They are an outcome of your designers‘ and textile experts’ analysis, hard work, and well-thought-through choices. Nothing is left to chance. That‘s why working with such factories should always bring you a significantly better ROI.

This type of garment manufacturing is perfect for when you know exactly how your clothes should look like. Meaning that you have figured out the design, sizes, grading, patterns, fabrics, dyeing, and printing. The only thing a clothing manufacturer does is – cut, make, and trim.

Choosing a CMT clothing manufacturer requires that you and/or your employees are experts in the textile industry, though. Going for this method is ideal when you know how to make your clothing brand unique. Because selling generic t-shirts with your logo on it will always “play second fiddle” to selling your custom-made t-shirts or custom-made hoodies.