Guided by the spirit of Lithe and complemented with self-belief and a positive spirit, Banglagesh saw the birth of Lithe Group in 1989. Our founder chairman F.M. Kabir left the comfort of his job as a marine engineer and ventured into the uncertain path of entrepreneurship.

In 1993, armed with confidence, determination, and the ability to think big, Kabir rented a space in Dhaka and pioneered a modern knitwear manufacturing business with only 30 machines. Lithe was set in motion. The business lived up to its core principles of grace and flexibility and managed not only to adapt to the times but to surge ahead of it, and soon the yields came out. By 2000 Lithe was a well reputed ready made apparel manufacturing destination.

The drive continued and resulted in further expansion of knitwear and accompanying fabric knitting and dying backward linkages. Two decades on, Bangladesh has matured as an apparel sourcing destination and Lithe has evolved as a brand for the article. The journey carries on today, bringing in the new generation to sustain continuity.

  1. Lithe Group Founded

  2. First Production Unit in Narayanganj

  3. Launch of Apparel 21

  4. Introduction of dyeing facility

  5. 2nd production unit with AOP in Gazipur

  6. Export touches $50Mn

  7. Major Expansions & Plant Automation

  8. Inauguration of 3rd production unit Ashulia