Capacity: 520 Tonnes/ month

FAMKAM specializes in contract manufacturing of high-end and avant-garde knitwear using machines that ensure high-speed and high-quality knitting processes. Every stage of the manufacturing cycle takes place in-house and combines traditional craftsmanship and high-technology machinery.

40 high speed RELANIT-MAYER & CIE CIRCULAR knitting machines produces fabric of various kind, as mentioned below:

  • Single Jersey from 120 GSM to 240 GSM
  • Spandex Jersey from 140 GSM to 240 GSM
  • French Terry from 180 GSM to 260 GSM
  • Fleece from 220 GSM to 320 GSM
  • Pique from 160 GSM to 260 GSM
  • Rib/Interlock from 160 GSM to 320 GSM
  • Vertical & Horizontal yarn dyed feeder stripe
  • Thermal, waffle, pointal & many more design

Plans are underway to house 100 knitting machines and have a total fabric capacity of 80 tons per day.

The Relaknit technology innovation allows formation of fabric using a new type of sinker movement design that allows fabric to be knit with smaller travel length. This not only allows perfect fabric to be knit even from difficult yarn without loosing productivity but also saves upto 30% energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

The knitting house is currently implementing Sedo Treepoint knitting master and energy master software that will allow us continuous fabric defect scanning system. Yarn consumption is also continuously measured to maximize fabric yield and eliminate costly yarn overfeeding.

Machine Stops are categorized and time stamped providing management with data to determine what variables to address- Machine, knitting elements, operators and housekeeping.

Stop down times are also documented for operators and management to analyze ways to increase efficiency. Machine speed is monitored and compared with standard to ensure machines/ fabric styles are running at optimum speed.