The finishing unit plays an important role in the final appearance of the garment. Our finishing range includes best-in-class machines such as Bruckner Stenter, custom designed triple roller Sintec compactor as well as a wide range of fully automatic European machines. The whole plant is controlled through SedoTreepoint dyeing master and energy master software.

  • The finishing unit is equipped with various state of the art machines, like Corino Slitter (Italy), Bruckner Stenter (Germany), Effe Stenter (Turkey); Sintec Compactor (Italy); LaferCompactor (Italy); Lafer Sueding(Italy) and Brushing (Italy).
  • Quality Control Laboratory assists production in each stages. Both physical and chemical laboratory tests the fabric to produce best quality dyed fabric each time.
  • Auto Packaging facility
  • Vacuum Irons operated by central steaming system.
  • Thread Sucking by Machine
  • Quality Control officers conducts in-house checking before buyer, ensuring quality.
  • CT Pat Area ensures anti-terrorism protocols.
  • Metal Detectors ensure any foreign contaminants is removed, to ensure safety of products exported.
  • Individual buyer dedicated QC rooms to provide not only quality, but also the best service to buyers.