With our roots dating back to 1993 in Bangladesh, FAMKAM is a manufacturer and exporter of knitted ready-wear garments for women, men, children and babies. Our eco-friendly and green focused factory is located in a space of 1,000,000 sq.ft. and is fully compliant with international standards, equipped with the latest technology to provide top quality and high efficiency for our clients. In addition, we collaborate with networks of suppliers, who adhere to our standards both in quality and sustainability.

Our area of activities are, women’s, men’s, children’s and babies’ garments made of knitted fabric such as: Short/Long Sleeve T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Cardigans, Polo shirts, Tops, Vests, Jogging Suits, Pants, Shorts, Rompers, Sleepwear and all other types of knitwear products.

Our management is centralized, integrating everything related to design, technique, garment pattern, production, logistics, sales and R&D vertically into a single company, as the best way to make the latest fashion trends accessible to the widest possible public.

We offer our clients designs and products created in accordance with the essentials of a sustainable economy. We manage all the links in the supply chain, from the creative process of designing garments and fabrics, to the weaving, dyeing, finishing and sewing. This vertical process allows us to reduce, as much as possible for us, any negative impact on nature right from the start, creating products with the lowest possible environmental impact.