Automated Cutting Capacity: 50,000 cut-pieces/ day
Manual Cutting Capacity: 2,00,000 cut-pieces/ day

The first stage of the production line is making of the pattern of the garment and perfecting, which is one of the most crucial step in the entire process. The Computer Aided Design section uses the JEMINI application to create Sample Design, to ensure preciseness and accuracy.

According to the pattern & designs determined using CAD, the cutting sections produces exact cut pieces and allows for required relaxation of the fabric using both automatic and manual systems.

  • 1 Automated spreader and 3 automated cutter machine from FK Group produces 50,000 cut pieces per day.
  • The section is also equipped with 6 manual cutting tables, producing 200,000 pieces per day.

Spreading is the process of superimposing plies of fabric on a horizontal table in a manner, which permits these plies to be cut simultaneously into product components acceptable for assembly. The spreading is done either manually or automatically by the spreading machine.

Using the Automatic Cutting Machines, the lay is cut automatically via our latest technology automatic Cutter system. The system uses the pre-loaded nested patterns which are prepared via Automated Software and is multiple times faster than manual cutting.

Electrically powered straight knife cutting machines are used for manual cutting. The machine is moved through the lay following the pattern lines of the marker and the  blades cut the pieces of the fabric progressively. Notches are also added.

For smaller components like collars, ribs and etc that need high accuracy, band knife-cutting machine is used.